Tips for Selling Your Home in 2020

If you are planning to sell your house this year, it is key to have a strong understanding of this year’s basic market trends to make sure you can sell quickly and get the best possible price. 

“Election years mean uncertainty to a housing market,” Palm Springs Real Estate Agent Mark Kunce told us. “If you are concerned that the election could potentially throw a wrench in the market, [spring and early summer] will be early enough in the year to get the house sold before wild speculation starts breeding fear in home buyers.” 

No matter when you decide to sell your home, you have to make both its interior and exterior look appealing to the greatest number of people. You do this through a process called staging, which involves making any necessary home improvements, whether for looks, safety or efficiency before buyers come to view your home. 

Unlike buyers, who want to minimize competition, sellers benefit from demand. Prime home-buying season begins in April and reaches its peak in June, according to analysis of home sales. Sellers who list their home during the prime spring and summer months benefit from a larger population of buyers and potential bidding wars, which often result in higher prices and faster closings.

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