Simple 4 Step Process

Our team has perfected a simple step by step process for you.  Read How It Works To Sell House. We have tested this safe and secure way to get your property sold no matter your situation. It may have been that things went south but not for long. We always have a solution to any problem you may be facing. We pay fast. Just follow these simple step.

1. Contact Us For Consultation
2. We Evaluate Your Property
3. Receive Offer To Mitigate Your Situation
4. Agree & Set Closing Date For Fast Cash!

Sell Your House Faster With a Professional Agent

The best way to have a great experience selling home fast is to partner with a real estate agent in Palm Springs. The right agent should guide you every step of the way without taking over the driver’s seat. They should inform you but not overwhelm you.

Our recommended real estate Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs) are just the ticket to take the stress out of your home sale. ELPs are professional real estate agents who have earned Dave’s endorsement because of their track record of success and excellent customer service.

If I want to sell your house without real estate agent near me,I’ll need to know exactly whatI am doing in order to get the money I deserve. Here are 5 steps to sell your home on your own.